Digger and Mark walking through the woods to their hidden still sites.

Digger and Mark walking through the woods to their hidden still sites.

Shiners Tested Like Never Before in Moonshiners Season 12

By: Discovery

Shiners must dig deep to overcome new challenges on MOONSHINERS, and the top legal and outlaw distillers will bring their best skills on MASTER DISTILLER. Both new seasons premiere on Nov. 9 on Discovery.

October 19, 2022

Get your shine ready. MOONSHINERS and MASTER DISTILLER are returning with all-new seasons, on Wednesday, Nov. 9, at 8P ET/PT and 9P ET/PT on Discovery.

First up, MOONSHINERS is a real-life look at the world of backwoods moonshining and of the distillers who produce some of the best-tasting spirits in the U.S. Since the Whiskey Rebellion of 1791, moonshine has grown into its own multimillion-dollar shadow economy throughout Appalachia. To the artisans who make it, this is a multi-generational tradition and a proud part of their cultural history.

Right after that, you can enjoy MASTER DISTILLER — the ultimate booze-making competition series — featuring America's top legal and outlaw distillers competing head-to-head to turn raw ingredients into authentic handcrafted spirits. To determine the winner of each episode, drinks are tasted and judged by Moonshiners Mark, Digger, and Tim.

Tickle tasting Moonshine

Tickle tasting Moonshine on MASTER DISTILLER.

Tickle tasting Moonshine on MASTER DISTILLER.

More on what to expect in these all-new seasons:


America’s favorite outlaws are tested like never before when inflation and supply chain disruptions hit Appalachia. Moonshiners must dig deep into their shared moonshine roots for secrets to surviving skyrocketing prices while inventing clever new ways to make America’s favorite backwoods beverages and earn a tidy tax-free profit.

All your favorite shiners are back. Here's a sneak peek:

  • Mark and Digger - The Tennessee shiners face a determined law enforcement officer hellbent on halting their operation as they battle sky-high prices for raw materials, such as corn.
  • Mike and Jerry - These innovative partners recruit Solomon Sutton, son of the infamous moonshiner, Marvin “Popcorn” Sutton, to help them devise new liquor recipes and stay ahead of the competition.
  • Richard - The crafty Louisiana shiner moves his operation to Tennessee to find a bigger market for his popular spirits.
  • Tickle and Henry - In Virginia, they must find a new location for their largest ever thousand-gallon still, as their partner Josh goes on the lam to avoid being caught by the law.

Plus, much more (yes, Amanda is also returning).

Mark, Amanda and Huck building their still together.

Mark, Amanda and Huck building their still together on MOONSHINERS.

Mark, Amanda and Huck building their still together on MOONSHINERS.


This season, Moonshiners legends and hosts Mark, Digger, Tim, and Tickle are back, along with some guest judges, to determine who has what it takes to be named Master Distiller. They raise the bar with clever new competitions, such as the following:

  • The big box store challenge where distillers must attempt to turn a discount store shopping spree into tasty high-proof spirits.
  • A family competition where couples must test their shining skills along with their partnerships.
  • A Thanksgiving-themed contest where previous Master Distiller winners return to craft a 100-proof liquor recipe with flavors to match the holiday.

Fans of both MOONSHINERS and MASTER DISTILLER can follow the conversation on social media with #Moonshiners and #MasterDistiller and by following Moonshiners on Facebook and Twitter for more updates.

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